Calender – Board Calender

Single nip hydraulically loaded machine with two nos chilled C.I. Rolls with provision of steam/water circulation arrangement.Compact power pack and engaged gear top roll to prevent slippage under severe loading conditions.Capable of exerting nip pressure in excess of 200 kg/cm. It provides excellent caliper control and smoothness to the apIlied board manufactured in all deckle ranges.

Salient Features Of Our Calenders :

  • Capacity to finish all paper grade.
  • Consume less power and occupy less space.
  • Sturdy, robust and time tested designs.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Pneumatically loaded rolls and doctors.
  • Compact pneum. control panel with access.
  • Osc. doctors for better surface preservation.
  • Compact hydraulic power unit & control desk.