Doctoring Systems – Tube Loading Doctors

CIPL manufactures doctoring systems that provide peak Machine performance with lower operating costs. In order to serve the purpose more efficiently. We have now launched Tube Loading Doctoring Systems. In compassion to the doctors which are still in use. This technology is far ahead as it makes use of the air tubes which run across the complete doctor, thus applying the same pressure of blade through the complete length while the previous version do so more at the corners resulting in less accuracy and less life.

The Advantages of this doctor in brief are :

  • Uniform blade-to-roll contact pressure.
  • Minimum possible loading pressure.
  • Efficient doctoring (good sheet peeling and roll cleaning action).
  • Prolonged doctor blade life.
  • Prolonged roll life.
  • High quality doctoring at moderate maintenance and operating costs.
  • Available for vidualty all machine positions.
  • Can be used with new doctors or usually can be retrofitted/upgrade existing doctors.
  • Tube loading design is usable with air or fluid for even loading.

This Doctor is made of complete Stainless Steel mounted on fabricated/cast base and thus can be used in Dryer and press sections also with least detrimental ef led t from Steam and Moisture. Available in all deckles.

Applications :

Rugged,Sstainless steel construction makes the CIPL Holder suitable for difficult locations including

  • Press
  • Calender
  • Reel Drum
  • Dryer