Calender – Machine Calender

Over the years CIPL has specialised in machine calender production, the machine most widely used in India for almost all calendering grade papers and board applications. Fixed drive roll being located at the bottom. The machine provide the operator with great range of versatility and adaptability for affecting specific calendering requirements on multipurpose products making machine with little adjustments over all grades alike, every calender machine is tailor made to suit particular customer requirement. Available in all deckle range and operating speeds.

Salient Features Of Our Calenders :

  • Capacity to finish all paper grade.
  • Consume less power and occupy less space.
  • Sturdy, robust and time tested designs.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Pneumatically loaded rolls and doctors.
  • Compact pneum. control panel with access.
  • Osc. doctors for better surface preservation.
  • Compact hydraulic power unit & control desk.