Calender – SoftNip Calender

Any calendering concept selected is solely dependent on paper grade and printability requirement at printer's end. Super calendering and other classical calender methods being too cumbersome to operate as well as to maintain, soft calendering as such has replaced super calendering in major part of the world. With its heated and elastic rolls soft calenders presents an economic alternative. The uniform thermal compression of the paper surface evens out the difference in compression within the sheet.

Salient Features Of Our Calenders :

  • Capacity to finish all paper grade.
  • Consume less power and occupy less space.
  • Sturdy, robust and time tested designs.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Pneumatically loaded rolls and doctors.
  • Compact pneum. control panel with access.
  • Osc. doctors for better surface preservation.
  • Compact hydraulic power unit & control desk.